About Novel Office

We provide fully furnished customizable offices with flexible rental terms like No Deposit, No Lock-in or No contracts, etc. Our office layouts are fully customizable without any material wastage, hence we can provide our customers with an office space as per their requirement. We can pretty much offer the exact space they need and in the manner they need.


We started off as a typical business center, offering serviced offices to customers looking for small offices for 1-20 people. Over a period of time, we realized that there was a lot of demand for larger serviced offices but the challenge was that the layout requirement of every customer would be different from the other, unlike the small office customers. The only way to address the larger serviced office requirement was to have a layout that was fully customizable as per the customer’s requirement. A fully customizable layout would mean a lot of investment upfront and also a lot of material wastage every time a layout was customized.


Over a period of 2 years, with a lot of research and experiments, we eventually developed a fully customizable layout concept wherein we don’t incur any material wastage when we customize a layout and the customization lead time is also short. For example, we can customize 50-100 seater office space in 10 days which otherwise would take 2-3 months to set up. However, the investment required upfront to set up such a customizable layout is twice when compared to a typical office space setup.


Today we can boast that we are the only company to offer a larger office space customized as per the customer’s requirement without lock-in/contract or deposit. We are yet to find another company that can offer what we are offering.


We have a unique business model and our concept is a proven one. We acquired a building from a brand builder that was vacant for over 6 years and tenanted it in less than a year- 4 months to set up the layout and 8 months to tenant it fully.


Our portfolio is about 1 Million Square Feet and we are still growing.