At Novel Office

It is not only a JOB

It is a CAREER

Novel Careers

We have an Open Door Policy

Our employees are given opportunities to express their views and ideas at any time and are always encouraged to do so. We believe that the incorporation of the ideas of the employees is vital to our growth. Employees are encouraged to think dynamically in all situations. This provides our employees the necessary leverage to grow.

We Provide

  • Challenging Assignments
  • Great Work Environment
  • Professional Management
  • Opportunity to Grow

Why should you join Novel Office?

A team of equals

All employees are equal players in the production process

Diverse Role

All employees have a wide range of duties to perform

Opportunities to learn

Working with Novel Office gives you great learning opportunities

Professional etiquette

You will learn real life skills essential to survive

Part of a community

Become part of the ever growing Novel family and grow

Stimulating work

Novel office ensures you never get stuck with a dull project!

Current Job Openings

1. Manager – Business Development (US Process)
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2. Senior Manager – Business Development (US Process)
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3. Executive - Client Relations
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4. Digital Marketing
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5. Manager - HR & Admin
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6. Senior Network Administrator
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7. Operations Manager
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8. Accounts Executive
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9. Business Development Manager India
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